2009 Campaign to Fight Puppy Mills in Full Swing

>> Monday, January 26, 2009

..... update from ASPCA

PuppiesAs America ushers in a new era of federal leadership, many
state governments are also getting back to work—and at least one of
them is making puppy mill reform a priority. Last Sunday, the ASPCA
joined animal welfare advocates and Illinois lawmakers in Chicago to
announce the arrival of Chloe’s Bill, legislation that will help stamp
out the worst puppy mills in the Prairie State.

“Illinois has a unique opportunity to adopt one of the strongest
commercial breeding laws in the country,” says Cori Menkin, ASPCA
Senior Director of Legislative Initiatives. “As commercial breeding
increases throughout the United States, particularly in the Midwest,
it is reassuring that Illinois is recognizing the need for stronger
laws before the prevalence of puppy mills becomes a blight on the
state’s reputation.”

As currently written, Chloe’s Bill would:

* Limit to 20 the number of unaltered dogs a breeder may possess
* Ban anyone convicted of felony-level animal cruelty from
acquiring a dog-breeding license
* Prohibit wire flooring in commercial breeding facilities and
create guidelines for appropriate heating, cooling and ventilation
* Require pet stores and breeders to provide customers with every
dog’s full medical history
* Establish penalties for violations, ranging from fines to animal
seizure and license revocation

Sponsored by State Rep. John Fritchey and State Senator Dan Kotowski,
Chloe’s Bill is named for a young cocker spaniel—rescued from a Macon
County, IL, puppy mill—who was present at Sunday’s press conference.
Now living with one of the animal control agents involved in the raid
on her kennel, Chloe is the sole survivor from her litter. Like
thousands of other commercial dog breeders in the U.S., the owners of
Chloe’s kennel focused on producing as many puppies as possible with
little regard for the physical and mental health of their animals. The
dogs found at this puppy mill were matted with feces and urine, and
infested with fleas and internal parasites. Many suffered from
deformed paws from living their lives on wire-floored cages.

As Rep. Fritchey explained to the media, “We are not trying to do
anything drastic; we’re not trying to do anything radical. We’re
trying to implement standards for what is humane care, for what is
decent care.” Fritchey added that although he expects the bill will
encounter some opposition, any dog breeder who would oppose it is
likely to be the type of breeder that should make consumers wary.

How can you help? It is animal lovers like you who bring about change.
Even if you don’t live in Illinois, what happens in one state becomes
easier to accomplish in others—so we need you in the fight. In the
coming weeks, the ASPCA Advocacy Center will email our Illinois
advocates, providing guidance on how they can join us in getting
Chloe’s Bill passed. But wherever you live, don’t miss out on this or
any other important legislative news from the ASPCA—please sign up to
receive animal advocacy-related emails


Adoption Update Beau and Tammy

>> Thursday, January 22, 2009

We have two more adoptions to report this week:

Tammy is the second to last puppy mill pup to be placed in a permanent home. Tammy now resides in a loving home in Staten Island with 2 women who adore her and are working with her to ensure a quick and smooth transition from puppy mill prisoner to pampered pug princess.

Beau Owner-surrendered Beau is a energetic, charming little guy who has been with Curly Tail for quite some time after his first adoptive family surrendered him back to us because hey were unable to give him the exercise and structure that a active pug boy needs. Beau was lucky enough to find a new home in Massachusetts with a large fenced in yard to run in and an older brother/mentor to help show him the finer points of pottying outside.

Congrats to Beau and Tammy!


4 Pugs Rescued from Kill Shelter in South

>> Sunday, January 18, 2009

Curly Tail received a plea from a rescue contact who knew of 4 pugs in a kill shelter in the South. We are working with Help Save One to get these dogs out of the shelter and fully vetted and safely into foster care.

Help Save One is a non political, humane, and caring organization with volunteers who work regular jobs and then spend countless hours every week into the wee hours of morning promoting these dogs. They work on pulling the dogs of North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia.

The dogs they save are scheduled to be gassed in various kill shelters. Click here to learn more about 'gassing'. It is not a humane way to euthanize an animal. It is not peaceful, it is violent and terrorizing....and completely unnecessary.

More details on these puglets to be posted soon!


Emergency Puppy Rescue

>> Thursday, January 15, 2009

At 9:00 on Sunday night, Curly Tail received a call about four pug puppies (only a few weeks old & a approx 2-3lbs) who were very sick and in the hands of an irresponsible back yard breeder in Massachusetts. The breeder was trying to sell the puppies for the highest price possible and needed them out by Wednesday because he was being evicted. After several hours, and with the help of two pug loving angels outside of Curly Tail, we were able to convince the owner to "sell" us all four puppies. (We normally do not purchase pug puppies however, once seeing the puppies in dire need of medical attention, we could not leave them behind.) The "breeder" finally understood that they were at death's door and he would not be able to sell them for much more money.

The puppies were clearly struggling with major respiratory problems. They were gasping for air, foaming through the nose, and trembling. Our rescue vets wonderful staff (Dr Meade in Burlington, MA) met us at the clinic at 11:00pm and began medical intervention immediately. Chest x-rays revealed that all four puppies have an incredibly severe case of pneumonia and two of the puppies have major structural deformities compounding the impact of the already deadly pneumonia.

Ivy, the smallest of the four has what is believed to be "swimmers disease" which is a deformity of the chest. She was most likely very weak and on her stomach for great lengths of time because she couldn't stand up on her own without human help. She is so young & the bones are so soft, being on her stomach helplessly for such long periods in a swimming position, caused the sternum to flatten (similar to a baby developing flat head). This is contributing to her difficulty breathing and may not ever correct itself. She also has major skeletal deformities in other areas that will need orthopedic attention, if we can get her past the life threatening pneumonia.

Penguin, her brother, appears to have brain damage - signs from previous deprivation of oxygen. Although he eats well, he is only able to breathe on his own by use of heavy medications. His airway on x-ray is the size of coffee stirrer and his little body is fighting to stay alive. He already displays clear signs of processing delays. He is also having mild seizure episodes. Both Penguin and Ivy are together, their prognosis is still uncertain, but they are being given 24hr care by Dr Meade and his dedicated staff to give them a fighting chance.

The other two pups, Cullen and Phoebe, are being fostered by one of our amazing foster moms. She has created an at-home-incubator in her bathroom by use of high heating source and running a hot shower every few hours to help facilitate breathing. Both Cullen and Phoebe appear to be at the beginning stages of stabilizing with a lot of medication and TLC. This rescue effort is generating exorbitant amounts of bills and we could really use your help. If you can contribute in anyway, even if it means sending pee pee pads & hot water bottles, your donation will be unforgettably appreciated.

Click here to view the slideshow


Happy Tails

>> Wednesday, January 14, 2009

We are happy to report that 4 of the 8 puppy mill rescues have now been adopted by fabulous people!

Angel was adopted on Sunday January 12th by a great couple and will live out the rest of her life with her new pug sister in an uber-fabulous house in Ogunquit, Maine.

Samson was adopted by a lovely couple in Massachusetts who were seeking a nice, cuddly yet quiet pug. Samson was a perfect fit and he will now be living out the rest of his years napping and eating in peace and comfort.

Teddy is another sweet and quiet pug who was adopted Sunday January 12th by a single woman living in New York City. Teddy and his new pug brother Mugsy hit it off immediately and Teddy will live out the rest of his days enjoying long walks in Central Park and longer naps snuggled with his new bro.

Sugar Pie was adopted this weekend by a great woman residing in Rhode Island. The applicant drove all the way to NYC to meet Sugar and was totally enamored by Sugar's sweet disposition and couldn't resist the little pink tongue that's always peeking out of the side of her mouth. Sugar is this applicant's first pug and she has been waiting to adopt a pug for years, so we are confident that sugar will be babied and spoiled silly in her new home.

Jack In addition to our puppy mill adoptions, owner surrendered Jack was officially adopted on January 11th by a wonderful family in Massachusetts.

We would like to thank you for your continued support and give a big shout out to all of the volunteers, transporters, and foster moms for making this a happy new beginning!


Foster Moms Rule!

>> Monday, January 12, 2009

This is what happens sometimes when our foster moms fall in love with their pugs.
The following video was submitted by CTPR volunteer Kerrie and her "foster failure" Logan.


Meet the Puppy Mill Pugs

>> Thursday, January 8, 2009

For more info on the Puppy Mill rescue pugs and all Curly Tail Pugs available for adoption, please visit our adoption page here: Curly Tail Pug Rescue Adoption


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