>> Thursday, February 26, 2009

Curly Tail received an urgent call for help about an emaciated pug named Pixie. Apparently her owner was very very ill and Pixie was dying along side of him. Her owner was not able to take care of himself, let alone poor little Pixie. Friends pulled Pixie from the situation and into informal foster care. Everyone meant well but were in over their heads b/c Pixie needs a tremendous amount of care. That is when CTPR received the call. Thank goodness Pixie was able to get safely into our rescue and receive care within 2 hours of getting that call!

Pixie is a very sweet baby girl. She is only 3 y/o. She has a great energy level considering how emaciated she is. She weighs in just under 10 lbs.......all skin and bones. Even though she is ravenous, we have to feed her small amounts of food on a regular basis b/c overfeeding is very dangerous. She has an Rx wet food combined with various baby foods and nutritional supplements to help get her stable. So far she has been holding down food in small increments.

Pixie's ears are terribly infected, her nails were overgrown and curled into her paws. She has multiple cuts and infections that we are treating all over her paws. We cleaned out her wrinkle which was heavily caked with crusted dirt & yeast infection. Her teeth are cleanShe knows to go potty outside and tried to hold it even though she has been having severe diarrhea. She has had a preliminary exam and an X-Ray. She will need much more medical testing & care to find out what really happened to Pixie & hopefully get her healthy again.

Pixie has an adorable face and will be a beautiful little puglet if we can get her back to a normal weight again.

Stayed tuned for updates on this little baby.

***Update 3/26/09***

Pixie is currently thriving thanks to the love and special care of foster mom Drea and to all who responded and have supported Pixie and Curly Tail!


Curly Tail Meet Up at Happy Paws in NYC 2/21

>> Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Join us in NYC 2/21/09 (12 - 2pm) at the Curly Tail Pug Meet Up at Happy Paws

*Please click the link above to register and RSVP*

We will be raffling donated items and will have lots of fun extras! There will also be a collection box for used harnesses, leashes, beds, bowls, blankets and anything else you have laying around your apartment! All money raised & donated items will go to the medical & daily care of our rescued pugs.

Pug festivities will take place in the ultra hip Happy Paws Jungle Room:

Please help us make CTPR's meet ups a success! Lets have a blast with our pugs and help rescue more and more along the way! We look forward to seeing you there! (Remember to RSVP for the # of pugs that are attending, not humans.)

Featured Items

- Nail Trimming Station (from 12:30-1:30pm) by Jodee (Happy Paws Professional Head Groomer)

- Professional Pug Grooming Informational (15 min.) to discuss how to clean pugs, products to use for their sensitive skin or allergies, special wrinkling cleaning products/ techniques that are safe for their eyes and we will review anal gland expressing (to keep your pug comfortable and save some trips to the vet!)

- Lola's Birthday Party with special doggy bags to take home with you!

- Curly Guests receive 15% coupons for products in the Happy Paws Boutiques
NYC March 21, 2009 (12 - 2pm) - Curly Tail Pug Meet Up at Happy Paws

We hope to see you here!


Meet Cosmo

>> Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cosmo is an adorable pug puppy and is only 4 mos old. We are working with our friends at GMPR on this case b/c we have so many people that have been interested in pug puppies & especially in our special needs pug puppy, Sophia.

Little Cosmo was born with megaesophagus (ME). His condition is very manageable and he is so worth it!! He just needs an extra bit of TLC during feeding time.

His esophagus doesn't swallow to force foods down. After eating, he needs to be held upright for about 15 min. Being held in the upright position helps keep him from regurgitating. (This is perfect bonding & cuddle time!!

It is best that he eat out of elevated bowls. He cannot hold water down. So he would have a diet similar to our special need pug puppy, Sophia. Organic baby foods, wet puppy food and baby oatmeal are perfect! If needs be, dry food can be soaked in water overnight. (Sophia eats like this, very rarely ever goes to the water bowl and she is fully hydrated! Baby food is packed with water. Earth's Best works well b/c most other baby foods have onion powder.)

Except for being held after mealtimes, Cosmo is just like any other squirmy, playful little pug puppy. He loves to play and take naps! You can read more through GMPR: Cosmo's Blog .

If you are interested in adopting Cosmo, please email Drea:


Successful Adoptions

>> Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Great news Puggie has been adopted this past weekend and has gone to his forever home!

We have also stopped accepting applications for most of our dogs due to the already long list of pre-approved homes. This is great news for all of these wonderful pugs who have been given a second chance.


New Pugs for Adoption

>> Monday, February 9, 2009

Here are the latest Pugs to come into Curly Tail. They are in need of loving forever homes. Please visit our adoption page for more info.


Buddy is our little 2.5 year old piece of black licorice! He is as silky as ever and has a spark like no other. He trots arond his foster house witha bounce in his step and a youthful playfullness. Buddy is healthy, up-to-date on vaccines, and neutered. He is quite the agility dog and can easily be mistaken for a cat with the way he thinks nothing of jumping from the floor onto counters, tables, and couches. If you are looking for the most handsome black pug who has the sweetest disposition and perfect young adult activity level, this is the dog for you. Buddy would love to have a family who will take him everywhere and keep active during the day, then come home and get coozy with him on the couch at night.


Jake is a two year old boy who is healthy, up-to-date with vaccines and scheduled to be neutered in just a week. Jake is a nice boy who prefers to be the king of his house. He gets along well with his foster siblings but has a strong preference for being in a single dog household. He does very well on a leash and socializing with all dogs and cats but when it comes to being in his home with his mommy and daddy, he doesnt want any competetion. This isnt to say he wouldnt be fine with many of other animal friends, just prefers to have short term visitors! He is spoiled and here at Curly Tail, we honor that and do our best to keep our puglets happy so a single dog household is where this handsome king will go!


Harvey is the victim of a puppy mill in the mid-west. He is 8 y/o and clearly displays signs of having been in a mill since puppy hood. Although he has arrived emaciated and reveals a sorrowful bony physique, his spirit is very much alive. He is for the first time experiencing the loving touch of a human hand. He does not show any signs of having been abused, but the neglect is pronounced in all areas.

Everything is new to him - right down to the feel of the carpet on his paws and the freedom of being able to walk around outside of a crate! His paws are gnarled from years of winding around the wire bottoms of the puppy mill crate and skeletal. His spine and hip area appear slightly curved (most likely from never being able to grow appropriately due to constant space confinement). He has little muscle tone but his daily walks are sure to increase that! He is already thriving in his foster home. He has learned quickly (by show of his waggily tail) that when his foster mom walks in the room, he is going to receive the touch of a loving hand.

Harvey is scheduled for a neuter, vaccines, and several dental extractions. We are confident that with hearty meals, some TLC, and daily exercise, Harvey will learn to be like all other eight year old pugs. In fact, he has already learned to jump on the couch like his foster siblings!

If you want to feel the ultimate adoption reward and have the time and patience for Harvey, we encourage you to submit an application. We can assure you, any love you offer him is certain to be reciprocated ten-fold....for what he knows of humans, it is a miracle to see him put forth such an unconditional love so readily.

Harvey is being fostered in MA.


is a handsome teddy bear of a boy, Otis, came to us as an owner surrender. Otis has been with the same mom and dad since he was a 9 week old pup and has been very well cared for.

Circumstances & medical issues have made it very difficult for them to continue giving Otis the love and care he is used to. With heavy hearts they decided to entrust Curly Tail with finding Otis a home that can continue to love him they way they do.

He is very mellow and gets along with kids, dogs and cats famously. He actually like cats better than dogs! Otis is healthy and UTD on all of his medical needs. He does get daily eye drops to help keep his eyes moist. If you are interested in this cuddle bug a loving forever home, please contact us!

Otis will be fostered in NYC.


ER Rescue Puppies Update

>> Friday, February 6, 2009

We have some great news on the ER puppies! We are happy to share that both Pheobe and Cullen (the strongest of the four) are just about ready for adoption!


Pheobe is one of the 8 week old pug puppies from the ER situation on our homepage. She has finished all of her antibiotics and respiratory treatments. She has stabilized medically, making her an adorable, adoptable puglet.

Pheobe is the sweetest girl ever and lives for kissing her foster mom and chewing anything she can get her little baby teeth on. She is a puppy in every sense with short lived energy bursts followed by sweet puppy naps where she goes belly up and forgets about the world. Pheobe has the greatest appetite ever and in true pug fashion, lives for food. Pheobe is almost completely pee pee pad trained and will need to soon be introduced to the great outdoors. Being so sick with pneumonia made her vulnerable to cold temperatures so she has yet to explore a yard of any sort but she is a smart little cookie and is already understanding the fundamentals of house training and commands like "No." After having been dealt an unfair hand from the beginning, Pheobe truly deserves a perfect forever home.

Pheobe is being fostered in MA.


Cullen is one of the four ER puppies from our homepage and similar to Pheobe, has finished his last course of medications and respiratory treatments and has stabilized making him ready to find the perfect forever home.
Cullen is a sweet little boy with the most inquisitive pug eyes and most innocent face you'd ever see. Cullen is a petite pug but being smaller than his sister Pheobe does not mean she is the boss....Cullen's pint-sized body wins every game of chase, fetch, and tug-of-war! Cullen is a sweet little boy and is just as happy playing tug of war as he is cozying up next to his foster mom while she does Curly work. Cullen has a "I'm happy to be alive" bounce in his step wherever he goes and he will be sure shower his lucky adoptive family with the sweetest love there is!

Cullen is being fostered in MA.

For a full update on all the ER Rescue pups please visit our website www.curlytailpugrescue.org.


Show your support!

>> Thursday, February 5, 2009

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My Review of T10046 Flavored Rubber Bones


These 100% gum rubber chews not only stand up to hearty chewers, they're flavored with four irresistible flavors to keep the tall wagging fun going strong. Flavors: Chocolate, Cashew, Peanut Butter, Pistachio. Mmmm good! Sizes: Medium 7, Large 8.5.

Great Dog Bones!

drea - pug rescue nyc, ny 2/5/2009


5 5

Pros: Dog Likes It, Cool Style, Easy to Clean, Tough, Colorful, Unique Colors

Best Uses: Indoors, Puppies, Active Dogs, Smaller Dogs

Describe Yourself: Long-time Pet Owner

The dogs really respond to the great smells and I like having them around b/c they look cool and more stylish than regular dog bones.



My Review of H10013 Eco-Friendly Napper


Lined with recycled polyfill and securely sewn to prevent bunching, this plush fleece dog sleeper is as easy on your dog as it is on the environment. Lightweight and durable, it's an ideal crate pad and a perfect traveling dog bed. 100% recycled polyfill liner Constructed of plush fleece an...

Love these Fleece Eco-Friendly mats

Drea - Pug Rescue NYC, NY 2/5/2009


5 5

Pros: Stack a few, Easy to wash, Roll up for storage

Best Uses: Crate liners

Our dogs and rescues love to lay on these mats especially when a few are piled up together!



My Review of A20002 Canvas Carrier


Tote your favorite cargo in style. This 24 oz. canvas carrier has a scooped edge, leash attachment and cinch closure to keep your little dog head and shoulders above the pack. Fits dogs up to 15 lbs. Accent colors: Kelly green. Tangerine. Hot Pink.

love the style and function!

Drea - Pug Rescue NYC, NY 2/5/2009


5 5

Pros: Canvas weathers well, Looks stylish

Cons: No top closure, Not for airplanes

Best Uses: Shopping, Hopping into cabs, Quick walks

my pugs love this bag and hop into it on their own when i set it on the floor.



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