Horray for Hercules!!!

>> Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wonderful News! Our dear Hercules has found his forever home!

Hercules background: Hercules was an owner surrender. He is blind and deaf, and his elderly owners own medical needs found her unable to care for him anymore. She was devastated to have to give him up, but ultimately, she knew that curly tail could provide him with t...he love, care, affection, and that all of his needs would be met.

Hercules new family is amazing. They already have a 12 year old deaf and
hard of seeing pug, (Simon), so they're very used to some of Herc's needs. They live in a home with a really open floor plan and his new parents both have very flexible schedules - so someone is usually home. But this is a the best part - they have a 2.5 year old who totally understands and gets how careful she needs to be around Simon and also around Hercules when he joins their family. She usually does her own thing and is just excited when she sees Simon. She only gives him "pretend hugs" because she knows she has to be very very gentle with him :)

Kristin said, "Hercules adoptive mom is truly the warmest most compassionate person ever. as are her husband and daughter." The daughter started crying when Kristin was showing Hercules adoptive mom how to put eye drops in his eyes, and asked "does he have a boo boo,?" she said crying and sad for Hercules. With each pet, she gave to him, she would say.... "gentle for hercky." Really, does it get any better than that!! We are so happy for Hercules . . thanks to everyone who has helped him get here!


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