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>> Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Beauty of Seniors

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Plum Medical Update

>> Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Plum's allergies are out of control and she has become so uncomfortable that she is literally tearing into her neck! She had pus and blood oozing from her neck and after some slides of the affected areas the vet has now confirmed her infection & sores on her neck are bacterial, not yeast based.

Poor Plum has to wear a neck sock and Bitenot collar to keep her from further damaging the skin on her neck and feet.
We need to stop the bleeding. We need to switch gears and treat her condition even more aggressively than before.

Plum received 2 injections today: Convenia, an antibiotic that lasts up to two weeks, and Vetalog, a steroid that also lasts up to 2 weeks.
We are confident that the injections should give her the fast relief that she needs as we work to stabilize her under a new aggressive plan of attack:

* Weekly baths of Oxydex - this will more aggressively treat & heal her neck sores and open skin wounds related to her allergies.
* Weekly baths pf Malesab - this will help calm and keep her skin under control while she is being treated and possibly for life.
* She is now on a strict diet of Canine IVD duck and potato wet and dry mixture - we will try this for a period of time and see how she does on it.
* Continue Benadryl every 4 hours - to try and keep her histamine level as under control as possible.
* Switch from salmon oil to flax oil for Omegas (may be allergic to fish) - to keep her skin conditioned from the inside out but from a different source.
* Add Quercetin, a natural antihistamine - every little thing that can help, we will try!

Thank you
to all who have contributed to Plum's medical fund. We truly appreciated every donation whether large or small, monetary, or supplies.
We could not help needy pugs like Plum without your help!

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Sophia's First Birthday!

>> Monday, July 27, 2009

For those of you who missed it, here are some cute video's of the very feisty Sophia at her first birthday party!


Success Story: Charlotte, now "Mamma B,"

>> Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Congratulations to Charlotte our sweet little puppy mill puglet who has found her forever home!

We received the following Facebook post from Charlotte's new Dad's announcing her arrival:

Please help me welcome our new edition to our home and family—Mamma Biscuit, who we adopted from Curly Tail Pug Rescue on Sunday, July 12th. Mamma B (as we like to call her on the streets of Washington Heights to give her some street cred) is a puppy mill rescue who spent the first 7 years of her life as a baby-making machine against her will and in horrible conditions, so that the disgusting demand for pet store dogs could be fulfilled. Mamma B is an incredibly chill, relaxed and well adjusted pug despite her horrible past which included deprivation of grass, not being able to open her eyes outside after her rescue because she had never seen sunlight, and being completely fearful of human hands as she would assume they would always hurt her.

Mamma B is now recovered, safe and happy and will live out her Golden
years with Tommy and I in New York City. In the two days that we have had her, Mamma B has become the Lady of our home. She really enjoys sleeping and cuddling, although she is quite selective as to whom and when she gives kisses, and like the true lady that she is, she never gives it away for free.

She loves her short walks through Fort Tryon Park, her biscuit treats after potty, her little toy named Mr. Seahorse and perching herself on our sofa to watch The Real Housepugs of New York on Bravo TV while occasionally gazing up at the chandelier that hangs above her. Mamma B is our Queen—I mean Tommy and I are Queens but she dethrowns us by a landslide! If she wasn’t so so stout, I would have her eat kibble from a crystal glass on a pedestal—and I know she would werk it better than that damn Fancy Feast cat despite having only 3 teeth! Mamma B is my inspiration and my Hero and on a daily basis, she is my shadow as she follows me around the apartment no matter where I go. Her smile is infectious, her three teeth and permanently protruding tongue are so endearing that I literally cannot contain myself around her.

Although Mamma B is nothing short of a lady, I suspect that she has a wild side. She has met the very young and svelt Patrick Henry who resides in apartment 2b and I can say that she is very smitten with him. I will do everything in my power to encourage her “cougar” behavior as long as she doesn’t chase after other young female pugs. It would just break my heart if I came home one day and found her in one of my flannel shirts if you catch my drift!


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