Puppies Aren't Products Campaign - Volunteers needed!

>> Monday, June 29, 2009

Curly Tail is looking for some volunteers in the NYC area to help with our Puppies Aren't Products campaign, in conjunction with the Best Friends Animal Society as we take a stand against puppy mills.

Please note these are peaceful pet store protests.

Curly Activists are involved in the lobbying for legislation that would regulate large-scale dog breeders and pet stores with the goal of cracking down on abusive puppy mills. We support legislature that proposes the following:

•Create a Dog Breeder License Act, which would prevent breeders from having more than 20 unaltered (not neutered or not spayed) dogs.

•Prohibit people from obtaining a dog-breeding license if they have been convicted of a felony animal-cruelty crime, including dog fighting.

•Require dog breeders to keep dogs in buildings without wire flooring and with sufficient heating, cooling and ventilation.

•Require pet stores and breeders to provide potential pet buyers with the dog’s full medical history, information of spaying and neutering and information about any prior medical care. Humane Society officials said many dogs from puppy mills end up having substantial medical problems because of interbreeding and exposure to disease in cramped environments.

•Establish penalties starting with fines and escalating to having animals seized and breeding operations shut down.

Curly Tail has become apart of the Best Friends Network through the Best Friends Animal Society in order to lobby against pet stores that sell puppy mill puppies.

Best Friends is a grassroots effort stepping up to reduce the number of pets bought and sold, and to increase adoptions from shelters and rescue groups. Together we can help millions of dogs living in breeding facilities around the country.

If you live in the NYC area and would are interested in participating with Curly Tail in the PAP campaign, please contact: jeaniner@curlytailpugrescue.org


Top Ten Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog

>> Thursday, June 18, 2009

1. Senior dogs love to sleep and cuddle the day away. They enjoy a brisk daily walk, but the best part of the day is the nap. They love for you to join them.

2. Senior dogs have a tremendous amount of love to give. When you rescue a senior dog, you have a best friend for life.

3. Senior dogs reward your care with an unwavering devotion. Nothing matches the love of a senior dog for his rescuer.

4. Senior dogs have learned many of life's lessons. They know, for example, that shoes are for walking and bones are for chewing.

5. Senior dogs know that great outdoors is for eliminating and the house is for relaxing. Your carpet will last longer with a senior dog.

Senior dogs can learn new tricks and be valuable family and community members. They make excellent therapy dogs.

7. Senior dogs often fit into your household with ease. They find the softest, warmest spot in the house and claim it for their own, but they will share with you, too.

8. Senior dogs make excellent companions for everyone, especially senior people.

9. Senior dogs are often the first to be killed in area shelters. Passed over for cute and cuddly puppies, they often do not have a chance and must go to make space for more puppies.

10. Adopting a senior dog saves a life.

Please consider opening your heart and home to a loving senior companion.

Click here to see the Curly Tail Golden Pugs available for adoption.


Meet Plum

>> Monday, June 15, 2009

Poor little Plum was scared and sickly sitting in the ACC of NYC when we found her. She couldn't imagine what she could have done so terribly wrong to end up there?!

She has been terribly neglected for a very long time and her body shows the painful signs to prove it. Her body is covered in sores, it is painful for her to be picked up by her loving foster mom, she can barely walk on her paws, she flinches in pain if her foster mom tries to put her medicated drops in her ears! Everything just hurts so much!

We don't know the full extent of Plum's illness yet....we know that her surface and most immediate medical needs must be treated 1st and then we can take it from there. As always, we will do what is needed to get Plum to be happy, healthy & pain free!

Please consider helping poor little Plum!


Success Story: Curly (now Marlon!)

>> Friday, June 5, 2009

Curly was pulled from an area shelter and was fostered by Curly member Adrienne. It didn't take long for foster mom Adrienne to fall completely in love with Curly.and adopt him! Curly has been renamed Marlon! From the pictures below it is easy to see why. We just love the Froggy pose!!

Congratulations to both Marlon and Adrienne!!!


Curly Tail @ the PAP protest in NYC

>> Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Curly Tail was on hand at the Puppies Aren't Products protest at American Kennels on Lexington Ave in New York City last month:

The staff at American Kennels will tell you that their puppies come from breeders they’ve been working with for many years, but in reality, their puppies come from inhumane puppy mills. A reputable breeder would never sell their puppies through a pet store.

The peaceful protest provides information about puppy mills and rescue organizations where puppies are available. The goal of the protest is to educate the public, which will in turn help end the cycle of homeless pets.

Educating the public on what "USDA Licensed" really means:

Signs are posted to make people think that the dogs are purchased from reputable breeders instead of mills:

The Curly gang represents:

People are lined up to make signs viewable to both sidewalk and street traffic:

The littlest protesters stop for a water break:

Click here to learn more about the Puppies Aren't Products campaign.

--> Learn how you can start a peaceful protest in your area


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