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>> Monday, March 30, 2009

~ a message from Curly co-founder Drea ~

I have run into so many people that recognize me from my work with sophia, the spina bifida pug puppy. So many people are incredibly supportive and follow our experiences blogging about Sophia. Lots of people have written asking for information and updates.

Since sophia has come into our lives, I have launched a pug rescue with my partner, Kristin Balch. Our rescue is called Curly Tail Pug Rescue. I run the NYC branch and Kristin runs the Boston branch....we work together as great partners and friends. With our 2 main branches so spread out, we are able to effectively cover several states (NY, NJ, CT, MA and parts of RI / NH). Sophia was definitely a huge source of inspiration to us and has become a Curly Mascot if you will. She is an important symbol of our work and attitude towards rescue.

Developing & running the rescue, fostering lots of ill & special needs dogs, building the website AND posting on her blog is a bit much to say the least!

I created a page on our website expressly for her called Curly's Saving Sophia. We want to keep people posted on her progress, using her cart and upcoming surgery (happening this summer). We also do not want to detract from the many other dogs who come into Curly care that truly need lots of medical attention as well. There are so many that need so much. Moving her blog to a page on the website seemed to be the best solution.

Please continue to follow her story and the story of many others at

Thank you for supporting us, Sophia and all of the needy pugs out there!
drea, kristin & the gang at curly tail


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