Fall 2009 Puppy Mill Rescue

>> Tuesday, October 6, 2009

We have partnered again with Karen from GMPR in an effort to rescue over 70 pugs from a puppy mill being shut down in Georgia. This horror show of a facility was being forced to surrender their dogs by the USDA....when that happens, you know the situation is dire and worse than you can ever possibly imagine. The dogs were split up into various rescues and we are all doing our part to get them ready for adoption.

In spite of an overwhelming # of owner surrenders and intense medical cases currently in our care, we managed to make room for 6 more of these desperately needy pugs. We were able to rescue Apple, Clementine, Pear, Blackberry, Honey Dew, and Kiwi. These pups are safe in Curly Care and have begun treatment for their various medical needs. These little pups are the most adorable, loving, GRATEFUL little angels. They are all acclimating amazingly well in Curly Care and want nothing but to be held and given love, affection and of course the healthiest & tastiest meals possible.....we agreed.

General Expenses so far:

* Transport & Basic Vaccinations = $1,475.00
* Foster supplies & food = $985.00
* Vetting cost for spay, CBC, fecal/giarda tests, dewormer and 2 wk injectable Rx - $400 per dog / 6 dogs = $2400
* Rx foods for Kiwi - $90

Running Total for these 6 puppies = $5,850.00

Please consider a contribution of any size (even small donations help!) so we can continue to help these puppy mill pugs have a fresh start at the new life they should have been living all along!


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