Puppy Mill Rescue Clementine Gives Birth

>> Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sadly only one puppy was strong enough to survive, little Flannery.
As difficult as it was we must now focus on the positive.

This is still a large expense for a rescue like ours. We are not breeders and do not have the set up, medical know-how or ability to do what most breeders do on their own. We had to rush Clementine & her pups to the ER facility. Even though we lost a lot of the litter, we still have our medical bills from the ER situation, the nursery set-up, clem's care post delivery & her pups care.

As always your donations are greatly appreciated!

Be sure to visit our website for regular updates on Clementine, baby Flannery and all of our rescue pugs.


Judy May 16, 2010 at 12:34 AM  

I've followed Flannery's story since he was born in October. I am SO VERY HAPPY that he has found a forever home with such a special Dad, indeed. I would love to send my congratulations to him and say from one pug-lover to another that he is very lucky to have found such a wonderful puppy to love and nurture. I have had pugs for all of my life, even before most people knew what a pug was! I have always felt that it takes a person with a big heart and a loving nature to own a pug. What a wonderful ending to such a heartwarming story. Please keep us posted as to how Flannery and his "Dad" are doing.

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