Stabilizing Sammie

>> Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Upon intake to his foster home Sammie was on 5 units of insulin after every daily meal. Sammie's insulin levels were never correct because of the Cushing’s syndrome, which made him go from too much insulin, leading to seizures or not enough insulin leading to hypoglycemia where he would be weak and stumbling around. Sammie also had chronic diarrhea which led him to be undernourished and skeletal. Once the Cushing Syndrome was confirmed, Curly Tail had to handle the fact that it could be dealing with one or two possible scenarios:

Scenario A.

Primary Cushing syndrome where there is a small tumor on his pituitary gland that is manageable with medicine

Scenario B

Secondary Cushing syndrome where there are tumors on the adrenal gland and is almost always malignant.

Further tests were performed: Sammie's first test was a cortisol stimulation test to confirm the diagnosis of Cushing’s syndrome. Sammie had to have three different shots staggered throughout the day and his levels of cortisol needed to be measured. Unfortunately the test did not go well and Sammie had to spend the night in the hospital. During that visit he also had his glucose levels checked.

This latest visit was very costly at upwards of $1000. They confirmed the diagnosis of Cushing’s syndrome and as a next step he will need an ultrasound to determing if his Cushing’s syndrome we are dealing with are the Primary or Secondary scenario’s noted above.

We will know more about Sammie’s diagnosis and prognosis shortly. Please stay tuned..

In addition to his diabetes and Cushings, Sammie also has cataracts in both eyes which have left him virtually blind.

Thank you for all of your support! It is only with the kindness, compassion and generosity of supporters like you that allow us to be able to help pugs like Sammie who would otherwise be facing grim alternatives.

Future updates and posts can be found on his personal rehab page: Stabilizing Sammie


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