Curly Pugs of Summer - UPDATE 7/16/10

>> Monday, July 19, 2010

This week we bring you the story of Frankie, a sweet nine your old male who was a stray picked up by Animal Care and Control in NYC. ACC contacted Curly Tail letting us know they had a Pug in need of immediate medical attention for a melting corneal ulcer in his left eye – a very critical condition that is also extremely painful. Hours later Frankie was at Dr. Solmon’s where his eye was treated 24/7 - as there was a possibility his eye would need to be removed if its condition did not improve.

We’re happy to report that Frankie’s time at CVC – a total of EIGHT days of around the clock pain management and hourly applications of eye meds – was a success! Frankie did not have to have his eye removed!

Once in stable condition, Frankie was then neutered and also had a dental – during which ten teeth were extracted due to extreme dental disease. Now pain free, Frankie is safely at his foster home and loving life in Curly Care!

Your contributions make it possible for Curly Tail to provide the extensive and costly medical care needed by so many Puglets. THANK YOU FOR YOUR ONGOING SUPPORT!


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