8 New Pug Arrivals!

>> Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dear Friends and Fellow Pug Lovers,

A breeder is closing up shop and needed multiple pug rescues to help and take in her 53+ pugs! There were 19 puppies - 4 weeks old and younger. The puppies remained in local rescues to ensure their health and welfare. 30 young adults remained, needing to be placed within the East Coast pug rescue community.

They will come east from the Oklahoma/Missouri border. We will be funding the transport, vaccinations, health certificates, spaying/neutering + additional vetting (including dentals) and care of all the dogs.

Curly Tail has committed to rescuing 8 pugs in this rescue effort. This is a significant and expensive undertaking for our organization. We are making every effort to get them healthy, stable and into foster care where they will receive the love and nuturing they so deserve.

The pugs that we are taking in are a mix of 3 males & 5 females whose ages range from 2-7 years old. Please check back for updated pictures and bios of all rescued pugs around the holidays.

Your donations and support during this time are greatly appreciated.......we cannot do it with YOU!


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