Bryant Medical Testing Update

>> Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thank you to everyone who helped us fund Bryant's much needed diagnostic testing. The good news is that Bryant is feeling great and the more time he spends with his foster mom, the more comfortable and loving he is. Such a sweet boy who has no idea that he has any health trouble at all. Bryant is just happy to be loved.

The bad news is that the collective data including definitive needle biopsies of all six tumors have diagnosed Bryant with Mast Cell Tumors which are indeed cancerous. To evaluate an option for treatment we took several xrays to determine whether the cancer had metastasized and it has NOT!!! His lungs and chest are completely clear and at the moment, the cancer is completely localized meaning Bryant has a generous amount of quality life time ahead of him!

The one area we were suggested to operate on was the largest of the six tumors on his back right leg. It hinders his walking and poses the greatest growth danger and lymph node involvement so we have scheduled Bryant to have that cancerous tumor removed next week. We couldn't have done this without all of you generous donors and the same will ring true for his surgery next week----anything you can donate is literally helping us offer this guy a happy and healthy life.


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