>> Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bryant is a 8-10 year old dear boy who was surrendered to Curly Tail by the ACC Shelter in NYC. Bryant was labeled by the shelter as a "stray" and in the rescue world, we quickly translate that to "dumped." We suspect someone realized his condition was overwhelming and probably could not afford the treatment so decided to drop him in a public park somewhere knowing he would most likely end up in a shelter---unfortunately a very common story.

Bryant is very nervous around people, is vision and hearing impaired and is covered in mast cell tumors large and small. The biggest tumor is on his back right leg and is about the size of a baseball. The weight of the tumor hinders his walking and weighs his back end down a bit. Bryant has several other tumors of size and shape variation all over his body. Some are sore, we know this by the way he whimpers when they are touched. You will see in the video below that even after a bath and combing, his hair still comes off in fistfuls.

Bryant is confused about where he is and does not like to be held. He does his best to squirm out of his foster mom's arms when he is being held. We are working on lots of hand feeding and forced holding with gentle touches to create a bond that we know we can establish. We can see in his eyes that he wants to trust and we know we will begin turning that corner soon.

In the meantime, we will be diagnosing Bryant's condition, treatment planning, and hoping for a positive diagnosis. The diagnostic treatment Bryant needs is very costly and this is just the beginning. We will keep you posted on his progress and medical status as the days progress and he meets our vet.

Please help us help Bryant by donating to his care---this little guy truly needs it.


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