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>> Friday, February 6, 2009

We have some great news on the ER puppies! We are happy to share that both Pheobe and Cullen (the strongest of the four) are just about ready for adoption!


Pheobe is one of the 8 week old pug puppies from the ER situation on our homepage. She has finished all of her antibiotics and respiratory treatments. She has stabilized medically, making her an adorable, adoptable puglet.

Pheobe is the sweetest girl ever and lives for kissing her foster mom and chewing anything she can get her little baby teeth on. She is a puppy in every sense with short lived energy bursts followed by sweet puppy naps where she goes belly up and forgets about the world. Pheobe has the greatest appetite ever and in true pug fashion, lives for food. Pheobe is almost completely pee pee pad trained and will need to soon be introduced to the great outdoors. Being so sick with pneumonia made her vulnerable to cold temperatures so she has yet to explore a yard of any sort but she is a smart little cookie and is already understanding the fundamentals of house training and commands like "No." After having been dealt an unfair hand from the beginning, Pheobe truly deserves a perfect forever home.

Pheobe is being fostered in MA.


Cullen is one of the four ER puppies from our homepage and similar to Pheobe, has finished his last course of medications and respiratory treatments and has stabilized making him ready to find the perfect forever home.
Cullen is a sweet little boy with the most inquisitive pug eyes and most innocent face you'd ever see. Cullen is a petite pug but being smaller than his sister Pheobe does not mean she is the boss....Cullen's pint-sized body wins every game of chase, fetch, and tug-of-war! Cullen is a sweet little boy and is just as happy playing tug of war as he is cozying up next to his foster mom while she does Curly work. Cullen has a "I'm happy to be alive" bounce in his step wherever he goes and he will be sure shower his lucky adoptive family with the sweetest love there is!

Cullen is being fostered in MA.

For a full update on all the ER Rescue pups please visit our website


Eric March 3, 2009 at 11:20 AM  

aww what cute litte puppies...i wish i could take them home

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