Meet Cosmo

>> Thursday, February 12, 2009

Cosmo is an adorable pug puppy and is only 4 mos old. We are working with our friends at GMPR on this case b/c we have so many people that have been interested in pug puppies & especially in our special needs pug puppy, Sophia.

Little Cosmo was born with megaesophagus (ME). His condition is very manageable and he is so worth it!! He just needs an extra bit of TLC during feeding time.

His esophagus doesn't swallow to force foods down. After eating, he needs to be held upright for about 15 min. Being held in the upright position helps keep him from regurgitating. (This is perfect bonding & cuddle time!!

It is best that he eat out of elevated bowls. He cannot hold water down. So he would have a diet similar to our special need pug puppy, Sophia. Organic baby foods, wet puppy food and baby oatmeal are perfect! If needs be, dry food can be soaked in water overnight. (Sophia eats like this, very rarely ever goes to the water bowl and she is fully hydrated! Baby food is packed with water. Earth's Best works well b/c most other baby foods have onion powder.)

Except for being held after mealtimes, Cosmo is just like any other squirmy, playful little pug puppy. He loves to play and take naps! You can read more through GMPR: Cosmo's Blog .

If you are interested in adopting Cosmo, please email Drea:


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