>> Thursday, February 26, 2009

Curly Tail received an urgent call for help about an emaciated pug named Pixie. Apparently her owner was very very ill and Pixie was dying along side of him. Her owner was not able to take care of himself, let alone poor little Pixie. Friends pulled Pixie from the situation and into informal foster care. Everyone meant well but were in over their heads b/c Pixie needs a tremendous amount of care. That is when CTPR received the call. Thank goodness Pixie was able to get safely into our rescue and receive care within 2 hours of getting that call!

Pixie is a very sweet baby girl. She is only 3 y/o. She has a great energy level considering how emaciated she is. She weighs in just under 10 lbs.......all skin and bones. Even though she is ravenous, we have to feed her small amounts of food on a regular basis b/c overfeeding is very dangerous. She has an Rx wet food combined with various baby foods and nutritional supplements to help get her stable. So far she has been holding down food in small increments.

Pixie's ears are terribly infected, her nails were overgrown and curled into her paws. She has multiple cuts and infections that we are treating all over her paws. We cleaned out her wrinkle which was heavily caked with crusted dirt & yeast infection. Her teeth are cleanShe knows to go potty outside and tried to hold it even though she has been having severe diarrhea. She has had a preliminary exam and an X-Ray. She will need much more medical testing & care to find out what really happened to Pixie & hopefully get her healthy again.

Pixie has an adorable face and will be a beautiful little puglet if we can get her back to a normal weight again.

Stayed tuned for updates on this little baby.

***Update 3/26/09***

Pixie is currently thriving thanks to the love and special care of foster mom Drea and to all who responded and have supported Pixie and Curly Tail!


Unknown January 22, 2020 at 3:34 PM  

Hi -
Not sure if you folks are still performing miracles for pugs, but thought you'd want to know one of your most amazing (and early) rescues, our Pixie, passed away last week. At 14 1/2, she was an incredible example of will, strength, and crazy little pugginess. We are devastated. She was a wonderful part of our family, and the silence is deafening.

Thank you, again, so much for rescuing her so we could love her for almost 11 years.

Tony Morettini

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